Yoga Workshops

Partner Yoga Workshop

This is Diane's most popular, most asked for, and best selling workshop. This can also be tailored as a team-building event for corporate facilities.

If you'd like to host Diane's Partner Workshop at your facility, please contact her to reserve a date. 

Shared touch in the form of yoga is similar to a massage. The spirit is revitalized with a gentle touch, the even flow of breath, and the focused attention on one another. Partners of all types work together in maximizing their yoga practice.

Students are asked to come with a boyfriend/girlfriend, family member, best friend or roommate. They will learn how to be there for each other, communicating and supporting one another through yoga poses.

Chosen poses are non-romantic and presented in a respectful way. Students are meant to feel comfortable and confident in working together.

This partner workshop is playful, peaceful, and open to all skill levels.

Duration: 2 hours – can be condensed or extended upon request.
Equipment: 2 yoga mats. Optional props include blankets, blocks, and eye pillows.


"Diane's partner yoga workshop was pure fun. The poses were easily simplified or intensified and very playful. Not to mention the atmosphere was perfect - very relaxed and cheerful. I would most definitely recommend this to couples, friends, siblings - anyone! It is a great way to connect with another person on an entirely different level. Not to mention it was very calming and refreshing" ~ Natasha Woods

"Partner yoga was such a fun and enlightening experience! I have been doing yoga for a couple of years, and I was surprised at how beneficial it is to have a partner during yoga. This was my partner’s very first yoga class and he loved it! Even at our differing yoga levels, poses provided challenge for the both of us, while at the same time allowing my partner and I to support one another in each position" ~ Ashley Pham

"My wife and I attended Diane’s partner yoga workshop. It was a wonderful experience that proved both challenging and relaxing. The instruction allowed persons of all skill level to participate" ~ Don Beisert


Basic Props Workshop

Props can be extremely helpful in a yoga practice to help deepen or lessen a pose and to help keep the body in proper alignment, thus achieving the full benefit of a pose while avoiding injury. Most students, and teachers, are unaware how to incorporate props into a normal class flow.

Students will explore and learn how to use props in basic class poses and enjoy learning how much more can be achieved through this practice.

This workshop is ideal for all levels of practictioner, especially those with physical limitations or injury. Instructors are also encouraged to attend this workshop in order to maximize their knowledge of pose modifications and variations to use in class.

The student is meant to walk away feeling confident in their ability to use props at their own discretion in their normal yoga practice.

Duration: 2 hours – can be condensed or extended upon request.
Equipment: 1-2 yoga mats, 2 yoga blocks, 1-3 yoga blankets (beach towels also work), 1 yoga strap (a belt or a hand towel will also work). Optional props include eye pillows, bolsters, metal folding chairs, and a bare wall.

Studios may wish to include an optional prop package for their students in the sale price for this workshop. Each student would receive a brand new yoga blanket, strap, and 2 blocks to use in the workshop and then take home with them.


Chair Yoga Classes and Workshops - Great for the Office, Students, Beginners to Intermediate, and Limited Mobility


Sitting for long periods of time has numerous negative effects on the body. Chair Yoga helps to reverse and prevent these effects and can be done in any environment where you are sitting. Perfect for all levels and body types, especially those with physical limitations.


  • Why Do We Need It?

Due to the increasing number of jobs within modern industries, employees are more and more required to sit for prolonged periods of time. This usually continues at home when working at the computer, eating, or watching your favorite shows.

All this sitting has numerous negative effects on the body by slowing down the metabolism, thus causing low energy, weight gain, and circulatory problems. Bad posture causes muscle strain, tightness and a misalignment of the spine.

Chair Yoga is a great way to reverse the negative effects of sitting and to prevent further ones from occurring. It improves circulation, digestion, metabolism, concentration, stretches the muscles, opens the joints and creates a new sense of energy and calm.


  • Who Can Do Chair Yoga?

Everyone! Chair Yoga is perfect for all levels and all body types. It is especially beneficial for beginners or those with physical limitations as the chair supports the body in all of the poses.

In many classes, you do not even need to change clothes or bring a mat.

Chair Yoga can be done at the office, at home, on a plane, in a car... anywhere you are sitting!


  • What Can I Expect?

  • Classes and Workshops can range anywhere between 30 minutes to 2 hours in order to fit any scheduling need.
    Participants do not have to wear any special workout clothing, but should dress comfortably. Shoes are not required. Mats and props are optional.
    Chairs must be provided by the hosting facility and should be of the non-rolling variety.
    Sessions begin with focused breathing and gentle movements, gradually working into deeper stretches and exercises, ending with a guided relaxation lasting between 5 and 15 minutes. Participants will leave feeling relaxed, open, and energized.

Bedtime Yoga/Yoga for Sleep Workshop


Yoga is a great way to help regulate sleep patterns. In this workshop, students will learn the most common everyday things we do that disrupt sleep and how to correct them. Students will learn a moon salutation series, restorative poses that focus on calming the mind and body and will enjoy at least 3 different guided meditations. This workshop is commonly held in the evening and followed by banana chamomile tea and sleep promoting lite bites.

Duration: 2 hours – can be condensed or extended upon request.
Equipment: 1yoga mat, 2 yoga blocks, 1-3 yoga blankets (beach towels also work), 1 yoga strap. Optional props include eye pillows, bolsters, and a bare wall.

AIReal Yoga Workshop or Private Session

AIReal Yoga uses a specially rigged looped fabric (called a hammock) as a prop to help deepen, refine, and support a yoga practice in the same way that other props do, such as chairs, walls, blankets and bolsters. It can safely guide you into postures you might have thought impossible, such as inversions. AIReal Yoga is equally beneficial for beginners thru advanced practioners as it can be tailored to deliver a gentle therapeutic practice or a rigorous power class.

Developed in Ventura, CA, AIReal Yoga is the only style of yoga that is based on real yoga and is the only one credentialed by Yoga Alliance. The rigging has been developed by professional riggers and designed with absolute safety in mind.

Duration: WORKSHOP: 2 hours – can be condensed or extended upon request. 

PRIVATE SESSION: 1 hour or less. 

Equipment:  WORKSHOP: Facility must provide all equipment.

PRIVATE SESSION: Hammock and rigging is provided. Client must provide a suitable hanging space for the hammock. Beams, support structures, and trees work best. 


Price for all services will vary depending upon location, duration, and number of participants. Please contact me for an estimate.






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I can honestly say that Diane's class is the best I have been to. Her class gets all the important parts of an exercise routine while keeping things calm and relaxed, removing the "Intimidation Factor" that you can get starting a new program, especially one in a group environment. I have felt completely comfortable every time I have gone, and been welcomed not only by Diane, but also by the other students.

- Glen Gowen - Dallas, TX

Diane is a highly skilled yoga instructor. I can tell she puts enormous effort into staying up-to-date with her yoga practice. I really enjoy taking classes from Diane because I know she has the knowledge and can help me. Not only does she have yoga expertise but she also creates a safe and soothing atmosphere within her classes.

- Emily Rogers- English Teacher